To adopt new technologies to design valuable product functions to end users in IT industries.
To be a valuable & royal OEM/ODM to strategies alliance partners through close cooperation.
To establish a keep on growing environment to attract & retain innovative employees.
  Company Background
    This Company, VTECH Technology Corp. was registered on 2001. More than 50 years working experience in IT industry, these founders to VTECH are expertise to each business domain, like product planning, software application development, hardware chip & platform design as well as manufacturing management. This company position itself as a product / platform development at Taiwan and leverage low cost but effective manufacturing firm located at China to bring time-to-market & competitive total cost benefits to its partners.

This company is a young but aggressive one to pursue growth with its strategy alliance partners by delivery non-replacing values, ie to design & produce valuable product to end users, to provide excellent product & service quality with competitive cost to partners.